I called him out on his proposal…

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How he proposed. Some girls grow up fantasizing about an extravagant proposal involving a flash mob, jumping out of a plane or a movie trailerwhile others hope for a private engagement enjoyed only with your future partner. As much as I love watching extravagant proposals that go viral on social media, I fit more with the latter category. What matters is that the proposal fits who the two of you are together, and that it is from the right person.Read More »

Why I swiped right for the last time

It’s been nearly five years since Will and I met, and I still remember all of the little details of our first date. As some of you may know, I met my husband all thanks to the world of online dating! That’s a secret we kept from a lot of people for a long time, because it wasn’t really a popular process when we used it. I only had my account for a few months before meeting him, so the entire process was quite the whirlwind for me. Read More »