Welcome to my craft room!

When we moved into our two bedroom apartment, I immediately took over the spare room and made it a “craft room”. I had my easel in one corner by the light with all of my canvases and paints. In the other, I had my desk covered with paper, pencils, and charcoal to draw. Of course, this room quickly got taken over by other items we had nowhere else to put. This included Dakota’s massive crate that encompasses most of the room’s space. My easel has since been put away, and I have been reduced to my little desk against the wall. This is where I create my glassware, signs, and onesies that I sell on my small Etsy Shop.

My little crafting corner!

I built a rack to store all of my papers and vinyl for less than $20 using some materials I bought at Wal-Mart.

On my desk, you can see my Cricut Explore Air 2. This wonderful machine is what cuts my designs! It is pretty fast, very accurate, and user-friendly. For those of you looking for an affordable die-cutter, I truly believe the Cricut is a great start!

I only use the most trustworthy vinyl when making my products. For my glassware, I stick to Oracal 651 outdoor use vinyl. It adheres to products so well, that they are dishwasher-safe! When making clothing such as my onesies, I only use Siser products. This includes Easyweed, Glitter, and Stripflock HTV. This is then adhered onto clothing using the Cricut Easypress that hubby bought me for Christmas last year 🙂

IMG_20180311_110621616IMG_20180311_110654759_HDRI have now made “craft room” part of our criteria while house hunting, in hopes that a bigger room will allow for more creativity! I’ll also have the ability to store all of my blanks and current projects more efficiently. The Type A personality in me is not liking how I have to keep everything squished into one place!

Do you have any suggestions on how to work in a small space? I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to check out my shop for products that may suit your lifestyle!

13 thoughts on “Welcome to my craft room!

  1. Hello, type A friend right here! I totally hear ya, I greatly dislike feeling cramped and disorganized. To be honest, it looks like you are using the space really well and have a good system going. You would cringe if you saw the state of my craft ‘area’ right now, I’m cringing just thinking about it. Cute onesies, by the way. I would totally have bought them for my twins when they were little (they are 6 now).

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  2. Nothing worse than feeling cramped, restricted, and disorganized! I personally have no space to do my own work. Lol I go to Starbucks. But like you, a workroom is a must for our next place.


  3. It looks like you have your craft space really well thought out and organised. I find the best way to utilise a small space is to try and minimise your stuff to things you absolutely need or use.


  4. I think I’m the last person to share any advice for small rooms and crafts. But I know that I learn a lot especially with smart things like this! We have a reading room that really needs a quick fix.


  5. Me and my daughter love arts and crafts. Your craft room is so organized and neat. Great way to have all the most used stuff in front to grab.

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  6. Your craft room is so cute, I can tell you’re really having fun whenever you’re doing some crafts . Creating crafts reminds me of my high school days.


  7. wow everything is organized so neatly … it is so important to have a special creative space, I hope to build something similar for myself soon, too.


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